Thursday Inspiration...The Snakeskin Print

Gucci SS 2013

Snakeskin print is not a novelty, it has ridden the trend wagon for some time now, and I believe it is here to stay. I've wanted to write about this print for some time now, Mischa, baby, this one is dedicated to you!

As all reptile inspired prints, the snakeskin print may seem difficult, and for some reason it bears the animal print stigma. Over wearing it is tabu- unless you are on the runway or you are known as an eccentric, but a hint here and there, may work wonders for your summer wardrobe. I would definitely put it on my closet must haves!

What I love most about this print is that it "screams" summer. Even though so many times overlooked, due to its stigma, this print is actually really versatile. If you are afraid of taking chances when it comes to your style, a python print clutch may be the small detail to a big difference you are looking for. Snakeskin printed jeans are perfect for going to school, if you are still in your teens, or to Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. The dresses are so inspiring and easy to accessories, I personally prefer gold jewelry for this print, but I've seen some superb outfits paired with silver ones.

The streets seem to love it, so why not add it as a crazy twist to your wardrobe.

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Start to a fashionable week!

I didn't want another fashion Oscar related post, there are a lot of them really good documented, I recommend Thrill and frill one, and I just wanted to give you something different.

The weather outside is not  helping my creative side, so I decided to take on one of my late-night-why-am-not-I-sleeping idea and expand it. You all know how I believe in the power of fashion, so I decided to suggest for each week's day, one item to add to your outfit to fashion it up. Enjoy!!!

Gloomy Monday
Quirky Dress

ASOS Swan print dress availabe at and soon on
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When Fashion Met Film

The fact that fashion has been an inspiration for the film industry is no secret, the fact that films have influenced fashion, again, is no secret. That's why I thought of writing a post about iconic items from classic films which have changed the fashion world forever.

This post is in preparation for something else I am writing at the moment, but it seems it will take me longer than originally expected. Hopefully it will be something you will enjoy as much as I do writing it.

First iconic film on my list is 'La dolce vita'(1960)

"La dolce vita" (1960) is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Federico Fellini. In a few words, this film consist of a series of stories following a week in the life of journalist living in Rome.

Fact: Fellini is the first one in the world do use the world PAPARAZZO(pl Paparazzi), more interesting, it is believed that Fellini cited as source of inspiration one of Cristobal Balenciaga's creation. Most famous scene: the Trevi fountain, who can forget that dress!

Simple elegance

Shopping time

Have you ever felt a connection between something… or better someone, who you didn’t know, but somehow just looking at them, you knew: they UNDERSTAND you?!
That’s the feeling I got, when I stumble upon the site. If I would be richer than rich, I would spend my last dime on that site. There is nothing there I would say “NO” to or even “MAYBE”, every single item pulled a “Yes, please” and “Ohhh! I wonder if they have that in green” from me.

SS 2013 Ad Campaigns

I am beyond ecstatic when it comes to the Spring Summer fashion shows, I feel like, once the spring starts, people feel they are aloud to wear color.

Don't get me wrong I understand the need to wear dark colors on a rainy or snowy day, is like your soul is telling you "Do not dare make me wear yellow today, or I will "flock" you up!", but when the sun comes up, the birds start singing, the trees start blooming, flowers everywhere, you can finally say ""Flock" it I am wearing pink!"

I feel a little bit wrong to be talking about Spring (yeah that's how much I love it), when outside is colder than Antarctica, but it's almost March and I will indulge myself just this once to think about my favorite season.

As I was stranding away, I almost forgot to tell you about the things I will be posting today.

SS2013 ad campaigns are here!!!!! So let me show you some of my favorite!

What is your favorite season? Will you be wearing colorful ensembles this spring?

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Obssesed with...JUMPSUITS

    Jumpsuits have been around for some seasons, but I have been drooling over a nice well-fitted jumpsuit since, what it feels like, forever. 
     I can’t count the times when I nearly smothered with envy some fashionsista, just because she was the owner of a nicely done, not masterpiece, jumpsuit.
                Two things I really love now, and, as my luck goes, seem to be the most difficult pieces to find. I love black velvet and I love jumpsuits, now can you tell me how difficult it is to find a velvet jumpsuit! Well don’t bother, I will tell you: Very!

RED ALERT: Valentine's Day His&Hers Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I can already "see" love flowing in the air, well not love-love, but those cheesy heart balloons...those are everywhere!

So to join this trend, I decided to make a last minute Valentine's day gifts post, to give you, my lovely readers, a little bit of help in choosing your loved ones the perfect gift.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

 What are your plans for this magical event? Have you finished with your gift shopping?


PS. In case you are wondering why so many "her ideas". Well I must confess that this post is somehow  targeted at someone special, who doesn't get hints very well, and sometimes a little bit of visual aid goes long way.

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NYFW AW 2013 Favorite street style looks

1 2 3....Goooo!!!

Fashion weeks have started. Here are some of my favorite street style looks from New York.

Accessories accessories accessories


I started this article with a list in my mind, but then I just started adding and adding and adding, until I realized that too much is just too much.  So instead of a list, I will just itemize some of the accessories you should keep close to your “boudoir”, or wherever you keep your accessories, and every month I will dedicate one post to one. OK?

"You know I'm still in the office..""

So, we all treasure Mr. Alber Elbaz's creativity and sense of humor.

The new SS 2013 ad campaign put a smile on my face. Love his comments, and how serious he seems, but yet ecstatic at his own genius.

The ad was shot by Steven Meisel.

What do you, kind readers, think of his new campaign?