Today we love...Baguera

I love discovering new designers, well at least new to me. It is an absolute thrill to see new things and be dazzeled by them.

Start to a Fashionable week!

I think I will keep this column for the rest of the year!

We all need a little bit of something to make us feel glamorous. You don`t need to spend a lot of money, all you need is some inspiration and resourcefulness.

I dare to dream and hope that at one point you will find my regular proposals a source of inspiration which will help you find an answer to the dreadfull questions: What am I wearing today?

Monday Morning After
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Out with the old, in with the new...or something like that

It`s that time of the year when we evaluate ourselves, our lives, our wardrobes, we make resolutions, new pormises, new dreams.

We get a little bit depressed, curse, that we are one year older, and none the wiser, but find comfort in thinking that next year we will be better,  smarter , tougher, a 2.0 version of yourselves.

It`s the perfect time to clean your closet, donate those unworn items, and start some shopping therapy. It`s the best time of year to to check off some items from the must have list, you have been putting together for the past year.

Sales are the perfect excuse to buy that cashmere cardigan that you your heart wouldn`t let you buy it at full price, or some red patent leather shoes that have been glowing in the display window of your favorite shop, or that blue bag and yellow shirt you`ve been dying to have for the past season. 

But you still have to keep your cool and don`t let yourself be fooled by the attractive offers. Instead plan ahead. Take a step back and think: " What do I need?", and write it down. Keep an open mind, and start shopping.

I recently moved to a new house, and while packing I realized that I have way too many clothes that I haven`t worn in ages, and probably never will. They looked pretty in my closet, but in the end they were just taking up space. So I decided to leave them at my mom`s place, and start a new wardrobe, more close to my current style.

Here is my top 6 pieces perfect to my wardrobe. 


I must confess that most of my leather skirts are thrifted. When you find a gorgeous short leather skirt for 0.50p you cannot say No! But you never go wrong with this piece. You can wear it at the office paired with a white shirt, or pink mohair sweater, or in the club with something dazzling. 

Credit:  Jitrois leather pencil skirt @Stylebop

Steal: Weekday short skirt @Weekday

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year dear readers!

2013 had been an amazing year, but still I struggled a little bit to find a balance between my blog and my job. And as you can see my job has won this battle. 

So my resolutions for this year is to find time and balance my work and my projects; be more constant in writing, meet incredible people, grow a little bit more, inspire and be inspired!

So here is to new beginnings!

What are your New Year resolutions?