The Straw Hat or How To Survive The Heat Wave With Style

The straw hat.

I personally disregarded the straw hat for so many years, and just wore it, from time to time at the beach, more to stop my mother`s voice in my head, pleading to stay out of the sun, or I will get sun stroked or even worse wrinkles. . But as I grew older, I started to appreciate it more for its utility and "fabulousity".

Now that an obnoxious  heat wave has struck us, we all try to adapt as fast as we can, and survive this horrible period. You would say since this happens almost every year, we must have learned our lesson and we surely prepare for it. But no, we are still taken by surprise and curse the global warming every time we got the chance. Oh, but enough about this and let's talk hats! Straw hats! Unnecessary to mention how much I love them and how much comfort they bring me during this time. They are incredible versatile, and y`all know how much I love those items that can go with virtually anything and are ready to get you out of the hole, whenever the situation requires.

Below I created some inspirational outfits just to demonstrate how wonderful they look no matter the time or place.


 @The Beach

So what do you do to keep yourself cool during the summer?