Start to a fashionable week

Let`s resume our short list of 7 inspiring items, which are here to help us through the daily struggle of : "What do I wear today???!!".

Monday: Extreme coats

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Tuesday: Cozy dresses

Wednesday: Fluffy jumpers

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Thursday: Poncho or how to embrace the IT items of this fall

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Friday: Prepare yourself for Weekend Blouse

Saturday: Accessorize!

Maria Francesca bangle

Sunday: Cry yourself to sleep, tomorrow it`s Monday shoes

What is your routine every morning? Where do you find your inspiration?


Autumn is here...Thank you Cpt Obvious

Inspiration hit me I decided to act on it and start preparing myself mentally and physically for the coldest period of the year.

I am a big fan of Autumn, I love it! Especially the weather during September and October, when it`s still warm outside, but you can feel the air has changed, it`s a bit colder and somehow a long sleeved T-shirt just won`t do it anymore. I don`t know about you but sometimes I feel like I have no idea on what should I wear during this time, so when I feel inspired I am more than happy to record any ideas, and maybe use them in the future.

The big autumn SKIRT, maybe a little bit thicker, a bit more conservative...or not...My perfect Autumn skirt outfit:

Dresses everywhere dresses, in Autumn you say, but of course!!!
And of course the PANTS, not your ordinary pants...Use the wide legged ones. They will def make a statement

How do you prepare for Autumn? Which outfit you like best?