Louis Louis Louis...Vuitton

Small is beautiful!
Louis Vuitton presents "Small is Beautiful!" from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo.

Loove the colours! Everything is so yummy!

PS. Please take my short description as excitement, and not as the writings of a 3 year old. Thank you!

Today we love...Lulu Guinness

I am no bag maniac, that's for sure, just because to me there are only two kind of bags: A bag and THE bag.
There is no in between, and Lulu Guinness is definitely in the second category.

I discovered her during my internship at Jaeger London, when one of my colleagues left to join Lulu's team.
I must confess I was a little bit jealous since...seriously did you not see her clutches?! They are exactly like me: fun and quirky ( said no one ever! ).

Top 10 Not-Your-Ordinary-Wardrobe Essentials Part II

As promised, here you have the rest of my list.
Enjoy & get inspired!

Yellow silk blouse

Credit: Equipment @Net-a-porter.com


Cash: Topshop @topshop.com
I am sad to say, but people are scared of colors. Classic items in black or white, will always sell better, and more, than items in yellow, or red. You are more likely to buy, let’s say a white shirt, than a yellow one. There is a misconception that yellow doesn’t look good on blondes. I am, or at least used to be, a blonde, and I am telling you, I never went wrong with yellow. One of my all time favorite combo is a yellow silk blouse paired with wide leg bleumarin jeans, and high heels. While perfectly respectable, the outfit gives me a crazy feeling of sexiness.

Top 10 Not-Your-Ordinary-Wardrobe Essentials

                I am an avid reader. Every month, apart from Vogue’s different editions, Nylon, Pop, Dazed and Confused, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, twice per year, Love, and L’Officiel- only for their editorials; I monitor an average of 20 personal style blogs and online magazines on a daily basis, and I have never said ‘no’ to a book about fashion or style.
                Every single magazine of the ones mentioned above had, at one point, an article about the wardrobe essentials, what you should have in your wardrobe, what are the top ten classic items to buy, or other variations of the same main idea: what to buy and how to arrange your closet in order to always have a clean and fashionable ensemble.
                I have tried to write up my top 10 list many times, but 10 was never my magic number. I would always start my list with: a white shirt, white t-shirt, white  top, black Capri pants, cashmere sweater, little black dress, little white dress, a nice pair of fitted jeans, leather jacket, leather pants, short pants, your boyfriend’s t-shirt, aaaand I already went overboard and I am not even close to end the list!
So I started thinking: we all know, or at least feel, what is good and what is bad to have/keep in our closet. But where do we stand about risky items?  About owning those items that are there to change outfits, to make statements, to make you feel glamorous, and certify that you, in fact, are a fashion lover, a ground breaking thinker?
Here you have my first 5 out of 10 "cray-cray" items to own in your closet.

Credit:Day Birger et Mikkelsen @ myWardrobe.com                                                         Cash: @River Island
                  Sequins!!!!!  Item to own: The Sequin Blazer.
It’s the perfect outrageous blazer to buy. I think the sequin pants or skirts are a bit tricky to wear,especially, if you are not very comfortable with your own limits. But the blazer is amazing. You can wear it with jeans, for a fun twist at the office, or you can wear it with a black silk jumpsuit for a nightout partying.

This is how I do it!

After way too many weeks and a lot of what-the-hell-I-was-thinking-I-have-nothing-Intelligent- to-say moments later, I have decided to give this a go. I've give it a lot of thought, and decided this will not be a personal style blog, but rather a place where I will write whatever-poops(intended)- in-my-head-and-would-loooove- to-share-it-with-you-people-because-I-think-it-is-worth-sharing type of blog.

So expect some articles, such as: wardrobe tips, how to ideas, DIY projects, some personal style photos, from time to time, yes, because I am delusional like, and see where this may take me.

Of course, if at one point you need advice with anything, fashion/styling related, please share, and I'll do my best to help you.

I am from Romania, I speak Romanian, but after some years abroad, with way too many English TV Shows and films, add English magazines... Let's just say: I am more comfortable writing in English. It is not perfect, I know, but please do not correct me. IT IS RUDE! (Sometimes I let my inner diva come out)

PS. Still have to find a cool catching ending phrase!


New year...New resolutions...Third time's the charm

I don't know what I am doing here, cause I already started 2 blogs that I deserted, but I heard a lot of people saying that third time's a charm. So look at me starting yet another blog. Yay, me!

Microfashionology is a term that came to me while I was trying to find that witty-oh-my-Dior- how-did-you-think-of-that-name-you-are-so smart-and-pretty-i-want-to-die type of title that described my so called online style diary aka THE BLOG. *Insert thunders and dogs howling in the night*

Why Microfashionolgy? Because I am just a small part of this world, too small to be heard, or make a difference, but I am doing this for me, to catalog my evolution, to meet new people, and make friends, to expand my views, and to share my finds with you.

I will not accept people who's only critics is about my grammar or spelling, or who are just plain mean, to me or my readers. My page my rules.

The content will be mine, unless stated otherwise. So everything you find here I own. *Insert evil laugh*

So here we go!

*Note to myself: Find a fun, quirky, not stupid, ending catch phrase