Top 10 Not-Your-Ordinary-Wardrobe Essentials

                I am an avid reader. Every month, apart from Vogue’s different editions, Nylon, Pop, Dazed and Confused, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, twice per year, Love, and L’Officiel- only for their editorials; I monitor an average of 20 personal style blogs and online magazines on a daily basis, and I have never said ‘no’ to a book about fashion or style.
                Every single magazine of the ones mentioned above had, at one point, an article about the wardrobe essentials, what you should have in your wardrobe, what are the top ten classic items to buy, or other variations of the same main idea: what to buy and how to arrange your closet in order to always have a clean and fashionable ensemble.
                I have tried to write up my top 10 list many times, but 10 was never my magic number. I would always start my list with: a white shirt, white t-shirt, white  top, black Capri pants, cashmere sweater, little black dress, little white dress, a nice pair of fitted jeans, leather jacket, leather pants, short pants, your boyfriend’s t-shirt, aaaand I already went overboard and I am not even close to end the list!
So I started thinking: we all know, or at least feel, what is good and what is bad to have/keep in our closet. But where do we stand about risky items?  About owning those items that are there to change outfits, to make statements, to make you feel glamorous, and certify that you, in fact, are a fashion lover, a ground breaking thinker?
Here you have my first 5 out of 10 "cray-cray" items to own in your closet.

Credit:Day Birger et Mikkelsen @                                                         Cash: @River Island
                  Sequins!!!!!  Item to own: The Sequin Blazer.
It’s the perfect outrageous blazer to buy. I think the sequin pants or skirts are a bit tricky to wear,especially, if you are not very comfortable with your own limits. But the blazer is amazing. You can wear it with jeans, for a fun twist at the office, or you can wear it with a black silk jumpsuit for a nightout partying.




Credit: Carven@ Farfetch                                                                       Cash: @RiverIsland
Little…Red Dress 
We all know how famous the little black dress is, and how it’s the perfect dress to turn to in a desperate situation. But what about its sister, the little red one?! I think red is one of the most overlooked and underestimated colors. Red represents passion, pure sex-appeal, and more importantly, and contrary to popular belief, you can wear it regardless of your hair or skin color.

 Credit: Michael van der Ham @Net-a-porter                                                 

Metallic sweater (Will do a DIY post ASAP!)                  
It’s cool. It’s funky. It’s perfect for almost any activity you can think of. Want to go out for a coffee- sure, at work-why not?! Not yet convinced?

 Credit:Ann                                                                                                    Cash: @Asos
Aztec print dress 
Usually, colorful prints are best to be avoided if you think you do not possess the right skills or personality to wear them. But remember that creativity holds no limits, and almost everything can be toned down with the right cut or colors. Take the Aztec print. It may seem intimidating, but it’s perfect for any body type, drawing your attention to the right features. 

Credit: Mary Katranzou                                                                                                           Cash: @Topshop
Mary Katrantzou like-prints 
When it comes to her prints, I am her number one. They are truly mind-blowing. If you can afford it, you must own at least one Mary Katrantzou dress or skirt, if you can’t, well do not despair- you can still eat and own something similar. Get inspiration from her and mix different prints, For example, pair a nice green grass print skirt with a pink rose print blouse, and ‘Voila!’ you have a nice “Let’s have brunch” outfit.  Mix and match! Mix and match! 

After reading about my first 5 options, what do you think? Do you own something similar? Do you agree with my choices? If not, what would you take out, and what would you add insetad?

P.S.: Stay tuned for the rest of my list in Friday's post!!! And after that I am thinking of a post with links from different shopping sites, and start creating a huuuge list of incredible items. Maybe we should call it one-day-one-item? What do you think of that?

Also, I do not own any of the pictures above. To be fair, every single image is a link to the rightful owner. So click it and see where it takes you! 

Have a wonderful night!

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