This is how I do it!

After way too many weeks and a lot of what-the-hell-I-was-thinking-I-have-nothing-Intelligent- to-say moments later, I have decided to give this a go. I've give it a lot of thought, and decided this will not be a personal style blog, but rather a place where I will write whatever-poops(intended)- in-my-head-and-would-loooove- to-share-it-with-you-people-because-I-think-it-is-worth-sharing type of blog.

So expect some articles, such as: wardrobe tips, how to ideas, DIY projects, some personal style photos, from time to time, yes, because I am delusional like, and see where this may take me.

Of course, if at one point you need advice with anything, fashion/styling related, please share, and I'll do my best to help you.

I am from Romania, I speak Romanian, but after some years abroad, with way too many English TV Shows and films, add English magazines... Let's just say: I am more comfortable writing in English. It is not perfect, I know, but please do not correct me. IT IS RUDE! (Sometimes I let my inner diva come out)

PS. Still have to find a cool catching ending phrase!

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