New year...New resolutions...Third time's the charm

I don't know what I am doing here, cause I already started 2 blogs that I deserted, but I heard a lot of people saying that third time's a charm. So look at me starting yet another blog. Yay, me!

Microfashionology is a term that came to me while I was trying to find that witty-oh-my-Dior- how-did-you-think-of-that-name-you-are-so smart-and-pretty-i-want-to-die type of title that described my so called online style diary aka THE BLOG. *Insert thunders and dogs howling in the night*

Why Microfashionolgy? Because I am just a small part of this world, too small to be heard, or make a difference, but I am doing this for me, to catalog my evolution, to meet new people, and make friends, to expand my views, and to share my finds with you.

I will not accept people who's only critics is about my grammar or spelling, or who are just plain mean, to me or my readers. My page my rules.

The content will be mine, unless stated otherwise. So everything you find here I own. *Insert evil laugh*

So here we go!

*Note to myself: Find a fun, quirky, not stupid, ending catch phrase