Start to a fashionable week

Sometimes in our daily desire to look as fashionable and glamorous as we can, we sometimes forget about comfort and manage to put ourselves in such painful situations. So this week let's try and replace the "vs" in comfort vs fashion in  comfort "and" fashion. Will you accept the challenge?

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Fluffy cardi
Diane von Furstenberg availabe @Matches

Comfy pants

 ACNE available @Net-a-porter

Printed tee

 JCrew Tee available @JCrew

Shirt dress

 Tory Burch dress available @The outnet

Warm Jacket

Monki Sonja available @Monki

Bedazzled Flats
Kate Spade flats available @Zappos

Snooze Sunglasses
Linda Farrow sunglasses available @Boutique1

Wish you all a wonderful week!


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Overlooked Accessories: The Wallet


              Usually, magazines like to write about those in-your-face accessories, and seldom do they discuss, or give ideas on those accessories that stay hidden, the things which functionality sometimes may overshadow the looks. 

Start to a fashionable week

It's time for our usual start of the week fashion bonanza. So check-check my items, and tell me what you think!

Glamorous Monday
Fantastic Jumpsuit
Buy it @Casper&Pearl

Amazing Tuesday
Urban Blouse

Find it @BikBok

Golden Wednesday
  Exquisite skirt

Find it@Loavies

Fabulous Thursday
Simple shoes

 Party Friday
Flirty dress

 Find it@Flannels 

After hours Saturday
Divalicious sunglasses

Find it @ASOS
 All over again Sunday
I don't care clutch

 Find it@Zara

Have a wonderful day my dears!!! 


When film met fashion

I am a sucker for classic films, especially old ones. I love it how everything presented to us, due to certain limitations, has a reason of being on the screen. Every little thing is there to emphasize the characters' story. And fashion is no exception. Due to fashion's role, you can watch the films on mute and still understand the struggles, the joys, the adventure the lead is going through.

The weather in my country it's throwing one last fit before spring is finally here, so due to extreme weather reports we are facing this weekend, I am planning to stay in and watch some oldies together with my significant other.

My choices for this weekend are:

Now, voyager (1942)

This one is probably one of the best make-over films of all time. In a few words the film tells us the transformation of Charlotte Vale, played by Bette Davis, from an introverted, awkward right on the edge of a breakdown girl to a true beautiful, full of life woman, able let herself feel love.

Start to a fashionable week III

Hello dears,

This is the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

As usual, Monday is my Start to a fashionable week post, where I am sharing with you some of my favorite  finds which, I hope, give you a helping hand when having to choose your outfit for the day.

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Cool Monday
Hot dress


Silent Tuesday
Loud jumper

  Buy it @ My-wardrobe

Grumpy Wednesday 
Happy skirt

 Buy it @Ark 

Sane Thursday
Crazy Pants

Buy it @Lindex  

Stay-at-home Friday
Disco shorts

Buy it @Witchery 

Stay-in Saturday
Explore jacket

   Buy it @Browns

Tea times Sunday
Coffee time blouse

Buy it @BIKBOK

Wish you all a wonderful week full of excitement, adventure, happiness and success!
Which one did you like most? What are your plans for this week?


Dress for success or how to dress for your job interview

Picking an outfit for a job interview might be more difficult than one may expect.  
After going through this experience, and noticing that some people around me faced the same difficulties- thought to be an easy task, but in the morning discovering your creativity is seriously lacking, and ending up wearing something which makes you feel really uncomfortable- I decided to do my research and make a post with some outfits.

The areas of my interest were: finance, marketing, PR, sales and new media/internet/e-commerce

I am hoping that my post will inspire you and give you that confidence boost you need. 


Finance are pretty rigorous when it comes to fashion. There are rules, and these rules can't be broken, but they can be bent. When thinking of composing an outfit, try not to think of the blunt and boring black suit and white shirt, instead focus on colors such as dark blue, bavy, light, dark grey, even oxblood or burgundy. Instead of a suit, try a nice fitted dress, add a blazer, kitten heeled shoes, and a nice medium sized bag.

I believe in adding a hint of your personality to every outfit. Yes, the rules are strict when it comes to the finance world, but don't think somebody will kill you if you add a small brooch to your blazer, or a colorful light scarf, or for a hush hush moment play with your lingerie. Nobody will know the red sassy things you have underneath, but I bet they will make you feel a little bit naughty.

For my Romanian peeps, I found some nice dresses on, you should definitely check. I can't copy the images so I will just link you directly to them: 

Here is my inspiration:

Office attire

Recap: well fitted dress and blazer, kitten heeled black shoes,  medium sized bag, low bun, and discreet make-up and you are done!

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Liebster Award!!!

I love comments, I love commenting, I love the interaction with my fellow bloggers and readers. Writing it's very intimate, you are putting yourself and your thoughts out there, for anybody to read, judge, adopt- reading so many nice comments... I cannot express it in words how happy it makes me.

Long snobby story short, this morning I received a Liebster nomination from Style of Darina, thank you again for the support!
Upon receiving the nomination, you are required to do the following:
a. Tell 11 things about yourself
b. Answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger
c. Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers
d. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated
e. Inform the bloggers you choose
So, here we go!!!
11 Things About Myself 

1. I am from Bucharest, Romania
2. I hold a Master's degree in Fashion Promotion from BIAD, UK
3. I love stripes...I am obsessed with them
4. I have almost 100 pairs of high heeled shoes, which I never get to wear because comfort always comes first
5.  I have a really fashionable sister
6. I love sequins  
7. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn
8. My favorite read is Love Magazine
9. I lived for one year in London, UK
10. I am afraid of the dark, and spiders, and small spaces, and clowns hahaha
11. My favorite activity is vintage shopping
Here are the 11 questions Style of Darina asked me

1. What is the one thing that you love the most from your wardrobe?
    My most loved and treasured item would be a vintage Yves Saint Laurent leather skirt, which I found in a thrift shop
2. What three words do you think your closest friends would use to describe you?
    Funny, reliable, and loyal
3. Where have you always wanted to go, but haven't yet made it there? 
    New York...It's first on my bucket list
4. If you could travel in time...where in time would you go? Why?
   Definitely in 1947, when Christian Dior presented the "New Look". I would love to witness one of the most iconic events in fashion history.
5. If you could have a magical power for one day only, what would it be?
    Convincing sales persons to give me everything I want from their shop for free
6. If today was your last day on Earth what would you do and with whom?
    Anything, as long I am surrounded by my loved ones.
7. Do you own any pets? If so, what kinds?
    Yes, I have three cats, and one dog, all rescued from the streets.
8. Do you have tattoos? Is so what motifs are they? 
    No, I don't have any tattoos, but I am considering getting three stars on my wrist.
9. How many languages do you speak other than your mother tongue? 
    English, french, a little bit of Spanish and Portuguese. 
10. What book can you read again and again?
      Oh, there are so many! But if I were to name just one, that would be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
11. What's the worst present you have ever received?
      A bottle of really cheap perfume, which caused me an allergic reaction. Nice, right!? Hahaha
My 11 nominees are...drums, please:
And my 11 questions for you are:
1. What was your biggest fashion mistake?
2. What is your all time favorite fashion trend?
3. Do you have a style icon?
4. How would you describe your style?
5. What do you have in your bag?
6. What can you never leave home without?
7. Which is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
8. Where do you find inspiration?
9. Your first fashion memory.
10. What is your favorite film?
11. What would you like to achieve with your blog?

Start to a fashionable week Pt II

I am thinking of making this post a Monday regular. Giving you, my dear readers, some cute items to add to your everyday outfit. Don't let boring office outfits get in your way, be fabulous no matter what!

Here we go!!! Enjoy!!!

Crazy Monday
Easy-to-accessorize Dress
Find it @Zara- click on the image!

Boring Tuesday
Colorful bag

Awesome Wednesday
Out-of-this-world Necklace

Find it @Ioana Enache Statement Jewelry 

Lonely Thursday
Maddest Shoes
Find it @Zara

Fabulous Friday
Hot mess Dress

 Find it @Topshop

Get-up-stand-up Saturday
Pure sexiness
 Find it @Topshop

Enjoy-life Sunday
Quirky Hat
 Find it @avenue32

That's it my darlings! Enjoy your week, have fun, and dress quirky!

Which items did you like most? Which ones would you wear? 
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Through a woman's point of view

I was no girly girl growing up, I had no love for dresses and the color pink, but I adored red shoes, thanks to the "Wizard of Oz" film, and being a tomboy.

I can't say I drastically changed, I still love red shoes more than anything, I do own some cute dresses, which I never get to wear, and I still live in my jeans, cropped pants and leather shorts.

Since I can remember I was fascinated with the women-pants relationship, I adored Marlene Dietrich's manly, and yet so sexy style, and loved Diane Keaton's style in "Annie Hall". The menswear for women trend is nothing new, every season it finds its way on the designer's catwalks, year after year getting a makeover together with a re-branding, making us believe in its versatility and novelty. I happen to love this trend! I believe in the power it gives you, the raw sex-appeal, it's simplicity. Wear one man suit, and that's it! You don't need anything to make you stand out. No, its simplicity is enough!

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