Dress for success or how to dress for your job interview

Picking an outfit for a job interview might be more difficult than one may expect.  
After going through this experience, and noticing that some people around me faced the same difficulties- thought to be an easy task, but in the morning discovering your creativity is seriously lacking, and ending up wearing something which makes you feel really uncomfortable- I decided to do my research and make a post with some outfits.

The areas of my interest were: finance, marketing, PR, sales and new media/internet/e-commerce

I am hoping that my post will inspire you and give you that confidence boost you need. 


Finance are pretty rigorous when it comes to fashion. There are rules, and these rules can't be broken, but they can be bent. When thinking of composing an outfit, try not to think of the blunt and boring black suit and white shirt, instead focus on colors such as dark blue, bavy, light, dark grey, even oxblood or burgundy. Instead of a suit, try a nice fitted dress, add a blazer, kitten heeled shoes, and a nice medium sized bag.

I believe in adding a hint of your personality to every outfit. Yes, the rules are strict when it comes to the finance world, but don't think somebody will kill you if you add a small brooch to your blazer, or a colorful light scarf, or for a hush hush moment play with your lingerie. Nobody will know the red sassy things you have underneath, but I bet they will make you feel a little bit naughty.

For my Romanian peeps, I found some nice dresses on www.raspberryfashion.ro, you should definitely check. I can't copy the images so I will just link you directly to them: 


Here is my inspiration:

Office attire

Recap: well fitted dress and blazer, kitten heeled black shoes,  medium sized bag, low bun, and discreet make-up and you are done!

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Well, I believe that the sales department is represented by influence, determination and illusion!
I believe that the outfit for this department should give you confidence, show you're ambitious, and make a good impression as soon as you enter the door. 
Keep it professional, but you are allowed to play a little bit.
Again, don't got for the white shirt and black trousers, go for the navy silk dress, and nude high heeled pumps. Don't be afraid to add jewelry: a nice statement necklace, a pair of earrings and a watch, are more than enough. The dress and the jewelry will make you feel sexier,  the shoes taller, and all together more powerful. Try it!

Again for my Romanian peeps try www.mycloset.ro, for a nice selection of dresses at discount prices. I have ordered from them, and they were really nice, and my order came faster than even they anticipated. Don't know if I were lucky, but they were really professionals. 

Job Interview Sales department


Recap: Knee length dress in a uni color: navy, burgundy, green emerald, or dark pink; high heeled pumps: nude or black, jewelry: statement necklaces, boyfriend watch, and confidence

New media/internet/ e-commerce

We all know the song "Man's world", and even though I ,myself, were a tomboy and own only few dresses, I admit, I still believe in  femininity, and I admire it.  
It's a new domain, filled with young people, with no fashion rules, where we can use our imagination and wear our most representative outfit, but still keeping it professional.

Here you can use color, even wear jeans to the interview, as long as they have no cuts, and have a nice shade of navy. You can wear a cute t-shirt with a blazer, or a nice silk blouse, or stripes and a leather jacket, the possibilities are endless, as long as you keep it professional. No mini skirts, no deep v-necks, no stripper heels.

Fashion cutie pie

Recap:   Use your imagination, but keep it professional!


I went to this group interview once. I didn't get it. Damn you mathematics!  But I remembered what the interviewer said: marketing is not all about creativity, you still have to know your way around numbers, and boring budgets So why not keep your outfit all about coolness and creativity. 

My recommendation to you: 3/4 sleeves t-shirt- stripy, leather, colorful; cropped or smoking pants, some kick a** flats, or brogues, and statement accessories.

Marketing your persona

No need of recap.

Public relations

Hmm...this one might be intimidating. One you need to be impeccable. Two you must understand your company's policy really well. Three you are the person in charge of how the company will be perceived by its public So going to the interview, you are acting as your own PR person, who understands the company.

Dressing for this job interview depends very much on the company's activity domain. If it's a oil company, see above finance, if it's a fashion company, understand their style, and adapt it in your outfit.

My PR woman is very sexy, cool, effortless chic:

PR Stunt

Recap: Research the company, and if you know people who already work there, talk to them, ask them about the company's fashion policies.

As a general rule, be careful always to have your hair done: a cute low bun, pony tail or Greek or Russian braids, keep your make-up discreet, unless you are looking for a MUA position, have your clothes clean, and ironed, just have an overall tidy appearance.   

If you have a job, congrats, if you're looking, good luck!

What is your go to interview outfit? What do you think of my proposals? 


  1. Hi darlin, this is such a great idea for a post, which you have executed brilliantly. Its true that what you wear in the working world portrays who are are and how potential clients view you. I love every one of your stunning outfit choices, think the PR one is my favourite, its elegant but still laid back, would love to wear something like that.

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  10. great post!
    it's very important to know how to dress for your specific interview and you are right I would not dress the same for a finance interview and an advertising or fashion interview!


  11. Love the post!! So many stylish ideas!!

    You'll get hire for sure! :)

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  12. Couldn't agree more with your advice here! And, love that dress!

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  13. A fost un timp când raspberry avea un butic şi în oraş la mine. Am făcut câteva achiziţii de la ei şi ce-mi plăcea mai mult e că preţurile din magazin erau mai mici decât cele de pe site.
    Banuiesc că ştiai că se alimentează de la brandurile celebre gen topshop, asos, atmosphere etc.


  14. Da, chiar mi-am cumparat acum o luna o salopeta de la ei si am vazut-o cateva zile mai tarziu pe site-ul topshop. Am observat ca foarte multe outlet-uri au acces la astfel de "resurse" si, sincer, ma bucura foarte tare. :D