Sales are here!!!!!!!!!! Oh, God give me the strength

As summer is here, or at least on the calender, because we still experiment cold and rainy weather, sales are here. So what do you do to keep you mind straight and keep yourself from buying the whole damn store, and keep focus on what you really want and need?

I am a bit of a "Scrooge" when it comes to shopping, I go cray-cray especially when having to spend my hard earned money, but occasionally  I let myself go wild and indulge in a couple of sales buys.

I am a closet freak, I absolutely love arranging my clothes every other weekend, trying to come up with outfits I could wear during the week days, but never do, color coordinate my T-shirts or dust my dresses.

As you read these lines you probably shake your head in disagreement, and say what do you mean you don`t like spending money?

But I do love-me some shopping, just that in time I learned how to prioritize my buys or how to be smart around sales. Below I will give you some of my tips and tricks, but beware it`s a bit of Spartan regime.

1. Always buy your size

Never, but never buy something hoping that you will lose some weight, or something to big thinking baggy is your thing and already a "classic". But no, you will never be able to anticipate how your body will look after losing some kilos, and a big blouse will always look big no matter the belts you wear or jackets you put over. So be sincere to yourself, even try going shopping alone at first, and buy your size.

2. Clean you closet

Always before sales, clean your closet. See what you`re missing, what you would need, what pieces from the last season crept in your dreams, and you could never afford them till now. Make a list, or why not use the Wish list feature you can find on almost any site, and come back during the sales and see what you can buy.

3. Buy what you need and then what you want

I am a woman, and sometimes I do crazy when it comes to the sales. But I always try not to let myself be influenced by the good offer, and think a little bit if I really need it and if it`s really me. If I can incorporate it in at least 3 outfits with clothes I`ve got at home, that piece will definitely have a place in my closet.

4. Invest , invest, invest

Sales are good for investing in good quality pieces which usually you couldn`t afford.  There was a saying I got from my grandmother when she was telling me all about her silk gowns, and leather shoes always matching with her purse, "Honey, I was too poor to dress cheap". And I understand, I rather invest in a good quality piece, when I can afford, than go all my life in plastic. So  take a chance and go buy those leather stilettos you wanted or that silk dress you have been dreaming of. Go, you deserve it!

5. Stay calm and keep your eyes open.

Be calm, but be aware for things around you. When it comes to this crazy period, you can never say you are fully prepared. So keep your mind open, and always ask yourself do I really need it, and if there is only one bit of doubt, don`t buy it.

What do you do to survive this period?