What to keep and what to invest in

I love smart shopping!

I do love those good quality items with a classic cut which will survive time. But I am also up for having fun when it comes to fashion, and splurge on those "very now" items, which probably won't be able to wear next season, not next two years.

Fashion is fun, and why not from time to time take it to the next level, buy the most "in" accessory or the "must have" skirt. You will fall in love with it and probably over wear it anyway!

Let`s get down to business though! For those of us with hard limits on our cash, the start of the new season might be overwhelming. You can't afford to buy a whole wardrobe, and you still want something trendy. So  you are once again in front of your closet wondering: "If I keep this shirt will I look outdated?" or " A lot of people bought these last year, should I keep them?"

So, I compiled a list of a couple of items to keep from last season and couple of  items worth investing in.

Keep: Leather Biker Jacket

The leather biker jacket has been around for some time now- 1928 to be more exact, when Irvin Schott designed the first one and sold it to the Harley Davidson New York store. Later on some of the most iconic bad boys, Marlon Brando, or  James Dean made it synonymous with rebellion. In time"The perfecto", the name of the first jacket, has inspired many generations, from rock bands, such as The Ramones or punk singers, Debbie Harry from the Blondie, to bona fide fashionistas, Mary Kate Ashley or Kate Moss- never knew you can put all this names together in a sentence. This year the biker jacket can be found made from all sort of materials, I, for one, recommend to buy one in leather, if you don`t own one already, and just for the kicks of it get one in crepe from H&M or Topshop, but be mentally prepared to see at least a dozen of people with the exact same jacket around you.

Sell arm and leg: April May leather jacket @April May

 Cash it now: Topshop leather jacket @Topshop

Invest: Snakeskin Print Accessory

In general, animal print is in a league of its own. Personally, I have this love and hate relationship with it, so I understand why some people try to avoid it. I believe that every woman should own at least one animal printed item, and acknowledge it as a powerful eye catching item.  The snakeskin print is one of my favorites ( you can read my POST for some tips and tricks on how and where to wear it). It`s not that in your face like the cheetah one, and it's much easier to incorporate in an outfit due to its warm color pallet.

 Sell your children: Jimmy Choo pumps @MyTheresa

Sell your soul: Rocio Sheva @Forzieri

Affordable: New Look pumps @New Look
Really cute affordable: Target clutch @ Target

Keep: Breton Tee
I won't even talk about the Breton tee. I say keep it, even if it seems like almost every single person on this planet owns one. Don`t throw it away, it's not a sea inspired outfit unless you have stripes on.

French Connection Striped T-shirt @ French Connection

Nicole Farhi Sailor Tee @Nicole Farhi

Invest: Well fitted suit
There's nothing I love more to see than a woman dressed in a nice fitted men inspired suit. I don`t know why, but I find women dressed in men inspired clothing really sexy.  And even more, they seem to breath confidence, femininity and total chicness. 

Re-visit my Through a woman's point of view post for some really interesting finds.
 Doin Ciobanu @The Golden Diamonds

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What will you be keeping for this summer, and what will you be buying?



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