Overlooked Accessories: The Wallet


              Usually, magazines like to write about those in-your-face accessories, and seldom do they discuss, or give ideas on those accessories that stay hidden, the things which functionality sometimes may overshadow the looks. 

                I must admit that one of the most difficult things to buy, for me, are wallets. I might be over thinking this one, but let’s be sincere, when is the last time you said: “Today I’m going wallet shopping!” You don’t keep three or four wallets just in case you need to match it with your purse and you usually decide to buy one, when the one you have is almost falling apart. I am not judging, because I am in the same situation, plus I know how difficult sometimes is to get your hands on the perfect wallet, and once you have it, you hold for dear life to it.
                But why is it so difficult to buy a wallet, you ask?
                I must admit that I never thought of the wallet, more than it represents: the one place, in my bag, where I keep my ID and money, two most important things in my life. The difficulty comes when you have to find the perfect balance between its functionality and looks.
                It all comes down to what you usually keep in your wallet, and how important its design is to you.  For instance, in our country our ID is freakishly big, I mean, my picture is almost natural size!  So for me when buying a wallet, this is like the first thing to check on my list. After that I need a lot of space for all my nickels and dimes, my cards, plus I really want it to be cute and girly.  For the time being I am happy with my 3 year-old wallet, but I am starting to consider changing it.
So this is what I found so far.

Here is a nice selection found through Polyvore:

Wallets and dreams

Marc by Marc Jacobs zip wallet, 750 RON / Cleobella wallet, 625 RON / ck Calvin Klein , 515 RON / Kate Spade zip bag, 250 RON / Lodis bag, 335 RON / Friis & Company pocket wallet, 135 RON / Zip wallet / HOBO pocket wallet, 305 RON / Kate Spade , 540 RON / liebeskind zip wallet, 335 RON / Friis & Company pocket wallet, 155 RON / A|X Armani Exchange zip wallet, 165 RON

If you`re looking for something unique, and are ready to spend some money, but not an insanely amount, you can check out Etsy for some interesting pieces:
{Click on the images for links to those exact products}

How old is your current wallet? Do you like my selection? Share with us your wallet shopping experience, how difficult is for you to find the perfect one?


  1. Those wallets are so nice! I bought a new wallet about 3 months ago - I must admit, it took me a while to find the right one. I wanted something practical, but cute and quirky, so I opted for one with a London cityscape design from China Town! xx

  2. I also struggle finding the perfect wallet! I love the chevron ones from Etsy! :))

    I'm having an International Giveaway on my blog now and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel, Maybelline and more! <33


  3. I completely agree, its been so difficult for me to find the perfect wallet in stores recently, most are just took big and bulky. I like your pretty selections, I leaned towards the more colourful ones.

    1. You are totally right, I saw a lot of wallets that could easily be used as proper clutches. I mean I just want one to be able to keep my ID card, bank cards, money, and look pretty. That's it! :))


  4. Great ideas! I have a wallet on my shopping list for a few weeks now, It's always difficult for me to find a perfect one...
    What do you think about following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? :D Kisses :***


  5. Following you back now! :D On Gfc and BLoglovin too!

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