Through a woman's point of view

I was no girly girl growing up, I had no love for dresses and the color pink, but I adored red shoes, thanks to the "Wizard of Oz" film, and being a tomboy.

I can't say I drastically changed, I still love red shoes more than anything, I do own some cute dresses, which I never get to wear, and I still live in my jeans, cropped pants and leather shorts.

Since I can remember I was fascinated with the women-pants relationship, I adored Marlene Dietrich's manly, and yet so sexy style, and loved Diane Keaton's style in "Annie Hall". The menswear for women trend is nothing new, every season it finds its way on the designer's catwalks, year after year getting a makeover together with a re-branding, making us believe in its versatility and novelty. I happen to love this trend! I believe in the power it gives you, the raw sex-appeal, it's simplicity. Wear one man suit, and that's it! You don't need anything to make you stand out. No, its simplicity is enough!

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 images via Harper's Bazaar
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Are you a fan of this trend?where would you wear this trend and how would you style it?

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  1. I am actually a girly girl but I do love the idea of the power suit and masculine styling for women, it looks really dashing. I love Miroslava's bright blue suit, I think she has this trend covered pretty well.