Top 10 Not-Your-Ordinary-Wardrobe Essentials Part II

As promised, here you have the rest of my list.
Enjoy & get inspired!

Yellow silk blouse

Credit: Equipment


Cash: Topshop
I am sad to say, but people are scared of colors. Classic items in black or white, will always sell better, and more, than items in yellow, or red. You are more likely to buy, let’s say a white shirt, than a yellow one. There is a misconception that yellow doesn’t look good on blondes. I am, or at least used to be, a blonde, and I am telling you, I never went wrong with yellow. One of my all time favorite combo is a yellow silk blouse paired with wide leg bleumarin jeans, and high heels. While perfectly respectable, the outfit gives me a crazy feeling of sexiness.

Electric blue skirt

Credit: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cash: HMH Couture
You should own classic-cut items in crazy-a** colors. Word!

Pink mohair/ cashmere sweater

Credit: Christopher Kane
Cash: Topshop

I love wearing a pink sweater, with a same color necklace, leather pants and motorbike boots. It’s a little bit unusual, but it gives you the right amount of power, without losing your feminity.

Leather dress
Credit: Jitrois
Cash: Faux leather dress

Its siblings, the leather jacket and leather pants, are already on the must-haves list of wardrobe items.  But between your little black dress and whatever color lace/velvet/jersey dress you own, this leather dress’ appeal goes unnoticed?  Personally, I love the bipolarity of this kind of dress. It is sexy and powerful, on one hand, and delicate and really feminine on the other. You can wear it with a nice warm cardigan and ballet flats for a day look, or spikes and high heels pumps for a night out.

Cropped hot pink  pants

Credit: Diane von Furstenberg

Cash: Uniqlo@

I loved Audrey Hepburn’s look in Sabrina: a black shirt, black Capri pants, paired with simple black flats. It was beautiful! So simple, so elegant, that you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. But what happens when we give it a little twist? Did I say little??? Take same ensemble, or at least the idea of it. Change the black shirt, with a white v-neck Tee, the black Capri pants, with hot pink ones, and the black flats with golden sandals. You still get the same simple powerful outfit, but you make it fun. 

I think there are a lot of negative things going on around us, and we should try to surround ourselves with positive thinking and lots of color. Do not throw away your whites and blacks, just yet. But do give color a chance and try to take a risk from time to time, go outside your comfort zone. Maybe it will inspire you to try new things, experiment with life. Because this is what fashion means to me: experiment, create, express, and break the rules!

That's all folks! These were at least 10 items that a woman should own at one point in her life. 

So my advice for the day: next time you are out shopping, choose something different from what you are used to, take it home and wear it once. If you feel changed, in a good way, do it more often, if not, be happy you at least tried it once.

PS. Thanks to my lovely sister, I found the best closing line ever. 

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