Today we love...Baguera

I love discovering new designers, well at least new to me. It is an absolute thrill to see new things and be dazzeled by them.

Baguera is a Portuguese brand which I stumbled upon Fashiolista, and I instantly fell in love with their clutches. 

I am mezemrized by their geometry, and how they play with shapes and colour creating such beautiful pieces. The edgy feeling of their clutch is a result of the skillfull use of pieces of acrylic and mirror to give that 3D effect.

They truly look like complicated puzzle pieces that came together perfectly.

Becasue they have this complicated apperance they may steal the spotlight from you entire outfit, so it would be smart to pair them with simple, minimalist dresses, little to no jewelry and high heels. Or why not, if you want to take the edgy note a little bit further, try pair it with some old converse. 

You can find their brand here Baguera, and I promise you will not be dissapointed.

My fav picks:

Which clutch do you like?
When is the last time you were mezmeraized by something?


  1. Indeed they look weird in a lovely way. My favorite is the last one.

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