SS 2013 Ad Campaigns

I am beyond ecstatic when it comes to the Spring Summer fashion shows, I feel like, once the spring starts, people feel they are aloud to wear color.

Don't get me wrong I understand the need to wear dark colors on a rainy or snowy day, is like your soul is telling you "Do not dare make me wear yellow today, or I will "flock" you up!", but when the sun comes up, the birds start singing, the trees start blooming, flowers everywhere, you can finally say ""Flock" it I am wearing pink!"

I feel a little bit wrong to be talking about Spring (yeah that's how much I love it), when outside is colder than Antarctica, but it's almost March and I will indulge myself just this once to think about my favorite season.

As I was stranding away, I almost forgot to tell you about the things I will be posting today.

SS2013 ad campaigns are here!!!!! So let me show you some of my favorite!

What is your favorite season? Will you be wearing colorful ensembles this spring?

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  1. Great post dear, its so interesting to see so many campaigns placed together. J Mendel and Rebecca Minkoff speak to me most. Thanks so much for your great comment, I really appreciate you sharif the movie quote with me, I hadn't seen the movie or heard the lines before.

    1. Thank you for coming back and taking a look at my blog! I'm so happy you liked the lines, cause I really enjoyed yours, you should definitely see the movie, I am sure you will like it!