Obssesed with...JUMPSUITS

    Jumpsuits have been around for some seasons, but I have been drooling over a nice well-fitted jumpsuit since, what it feels like, forever. 
     I can’t count the times when I nearly smothered with envy some fashionsista, just because she was the owner of a nicely done, not masterpiece, jumpsuit.
                Two things I really love now, and, as my luck goes, seem to be the most difficult pieces to find. I love black velvet and I love jumpsuits, now can you tell me how difficult it is to find a velvet jumpsuit! Well don’t bother, I will tell you: Very!

                I know that lovely Maria Lucia Hohan designed one for her Fall-Winter 2012 collection, but I am not about to sell my arm and leg for this… just yet! And I did buy one from Depot 96, but the fabric is not that good, and it only has one sleeve. What seemed a really good idea at one point, now, after wearing it, it gives me an unfinished feel, like they ran out of fabric or what not...
                Why do I love it so much, and why do I recommend each and one of you to buy at least one, you ask?
                Well…they are incredible versatile! If you can’t afford to buy at least three: one for evening, one for everyday and one for the office, buy only one, which with a little bit of creativity and an open mind, you can make it work for every situation.
How? First of all, try to find one of a soft fabric, a nice cotton or thin jersey, or, if you feel like going a little bit crazy, try silk, and then pick it in a neutral color, or non color- I recommend black.
                Now I will show you how magic works!
                For office, add a nice well fitted blazer, it can even be colorful, provided you still comply with your company fashion policy, and a nice golden watch. 
For going to…let’s say, Starbucks, add a nice blue jeans jacket, some funny sunnies, and an oversized clutch. 
Going out, add your favorite stilettos, a nice slim golden belt, and your most attractive statement jewelry.

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Here you have different ways you can wear a jumpsuit. Didn't I mention how versatile the jumpsuit is?

Credit pictures via tumblr, streetpeeper, glamourmagazine.co.uk, the stylerrebels.com, ellesapelleblog.blogspot.com

Do you own a jumpsuit?How do you style it? 




  1. love jumpsuits! although i am too short to be able to pull it off, but it looks super nice on the taller girls :)

    xo; L&M

  2. Wow, so beautiful jumpsuits collection, love them, thanks for sharing.