To trend or not to trend...

I am more or less of a trend whore.

I must confess I had, and have, my moments when I am ready to kill/cut my arm/ sell my kidney for some Vogue-reported trends or must have items.
These moments are more often than I like to admit, but I do try to filter every bit of information I get.

Ultimately, I am all for finding yourself, and after all the trend reports, all style blogs or every fashion magazine's style column, try to take a step back and analyse what best suits your personality. 
I am all for building a strong and fast adaptable wardrobe, I believe in owning enough classic items to help your everyday needs, and a touch of twisted-overwhelmingly s***-expensive out of this world  items, to help you add that personality twist we are all craving for.

Why do I write about this? I don't know.

Maybe after reading so many SS 2013 trend reports, writing about them seemed redundant. Honestly, I am ready to see the streets, and see what trend will regular Jane choose to represent.

How trends hit the streets, that is my interest.

So stay tuned for a compilation of street style vs trends.

Trickle up or trickle down?  

PS. The picture above is not my property, I loooved that print, and I couldn't help myself to share it with you. The picture is property of

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