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I started this article with a list in my mind, but then I just started adding and adding and adding, until I realized that too much is just too much.  So instead of a list, I will just itemize some of the accessories you should keep close to your “boudoir”, or wherever you keep your accessories, and every month I will dedicate one post to one. OK?

Why should you listen to me, and my mumbling? Well, I am just trying to help, and share some of the knowledge I got from my fashion degree, and from working various fashion related jobs, and because I really believe that everyone should get in touch with their inner fashionista, and play a little bit.
Before proceeding, have a quick look at your accessories and check the following: statement necklace, pearls, something gold and something silver, something vintage and something beady, a somewhat of a skinny belt, one small soft leather clutch, a super-mega-extra big bag and a out-of-this-world ring. Let’s call them THE BASICS.  These are what others expect you to own, and will be told to own by almost every stylist out there, more or less.
Here we go!
The yellow clutch

For sometimes now, I swear, I fallen so hard for this color.  It’s beautiful during the day, but not so much at night. You can wear it with something girly, like a sweet pinkish dress, or pair it with a nice custom-made navy suit. Delicious!
Small thin golden necklace, with a cute or daring pendant
If you can afford it, try a small diamond. If not, what do you think of a small cute golden gun? Got your attention?!
Animal ring

Just for the corky-ness of the situation. Plus it’s a great piece of conversation starter!
Metallic clutch
It’s cute, and still a bit aggressive! But really, it’s a situation saver for every night out, because it practically goes with anything.
Hot pink scarf
I love Alexander McQueen’s cashmere scarves. They are amazingly fashionable, and yet so warm and reliable. If you can afford it buy it in pink, or green, if not just buy one from any affordable brand, and make sure it’s there to keep you warm, and give your outfit a little pit of color.
Ghetto diva gold knuckle rings
Nuff said!
I will keep it really general, because, as a woman, you should own at least three. I love the floppy ones, but I feel like they have been here forever. So add one black floppy hat to your basics list, and for your inner fashionista buy a cute black veil, and wear it over a grey cap.
Thin gold skinny belt

I like accentuate my waist, since it’s the only good thing my body has, and I can’t count the times this kind of belt saved me.  I own over 100 belts, but none of them are as handy as this one.  Again it goes with almost everything, from cotton, leather to delicate chiffon or lace.
Small gold watch
Keep aside the boyfriend/unisex watch, which is a bit too in your face, if you were to ask me, and instead buy a sweet fragile golden one, which you can wear together with some thin multicolor bracelets, and sweeten a cool tomboyish outfit.
When it comes to cuffs, always buy them in pairs. Wear them together, on the same arm, or each on one arm. Buy them in gold and silver, and pair them with a Dominatrix black dress.
These are some of the accessories I recommend, but to be honest, when it comes to this, sky is the limit. Not only you can make your own, especially jewelry, but you can find amazing pieces where you least expect.
What I truly like most is that you don’t necessarily have to invest in good pieces, just be a little bit careful. For example, when I buy cheap golden jewelry, I always weigh it in my hand. If it feels a bit heavy, I will buy it, otherwise I will have to really love it, and be prepare to wear it a couple of times and throw it away. I don’t know if this rule is the best to follow, but from my experience, the jewelry that I bought in this manner, always lasted more than the others.
That’s my unnumbered list of accessories you should own in this lifetime. It’s not that cray-cray as you might expect, but do use your imagination as often as you can. The rules are here to be broken! 

Tell me about your favorite accessories. Would I found them amongst my list?

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