Start to a fashionable week!

I didn't want another fashion Oscar related post, there are a lot of them really good documented, I recommend Thrill and frill one, and I just wanted to give you something different.

The weather outside is not  helping my creative side, so I decided to take on one of my late-night-why-am-not-I-sleeping idea and expand it. You all know how I believe in the power of fashion, so I decided to suggest for each week's day, one item to add to your outfit to fashion it up. Enjoy!!!

Gloomy Monday
Quirky Dress

ASOS Swan print dress availabe at and soon on
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Quirky Tuesday
The Bag

Only 149 Ron @The Bag Shop

Mellow Wednesday
Pop of color necklace

 Tired Thursday
Amazing shoes

Find them @Zara
Party Friday
Sequins-nuff said
Find it @HM
Lazy Saturday
Cheerful bracelet
Fnd it @PreeBrulee
Oh-Not-You-Again Sunday
Loveable sunglasses
Find it @Asos
Wish you all a lovely carefree week!
How do you cheer up your day? Did you like my propositions?  


  1. Hi doll, thanks for the mention! You're so sweet. I adore the cutely printed dress and that pretty bag but most of all obsessing over those gorgeous heels, wow!

    1. I really liked your Oscar post it was really well written, and very different from everything I've seen. I liked a lot the idea of trends on the red carpet. :D

  2. I really appreciate it hun, have an awesome week ahead. Thanks for your sharing your opinions on the dresses.

  3. i choose the first dress! love it! xoxo

  4. Hi! Lovely blog and great look! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;) I follow you!

  5. A wonderful bracelet.
    Have a great day!